Classic & Russian Volume Extensions

Lash enhancements are applied individually to create a seamless natural look and are fully customised for every woman we see.

Lash Amorè uses Synthetic Mink, Soho Silk and Flat Lashes resulting in flexible and durable long lasting lashes. We have a full range of options with length, thickness and curls to compliment your eye shape. Prior to lashing we consult and examine your eyes to ensure you have the desired look you want.

Classic Lashes - Individual extensions applied to no more than one natural lash

Full Set - 75 mins | $175

Natural - 60 mins | $145

Maintenance 3-4 weeks -  60 mins | $90

Maintenance 2-3 weeks - 40 mins | $75


Russian Volume Lashes - 3-4D extensions, the ultimate set to really compliment your eyes giving them a fuller, darker appearance to your lash line. Russian Volume is where I skillfully handmake your lash fans at the time of yout appointment.

Russian Volume 4-5D Full - 3hr 30 | $260

Russian Volume 3D Full - 3hr 30 | $230

Maintenance 3-4 weeks - 2 hours | $150

Maintenance 2-3 weeks - 1.5 hours | $115

Please note - Coming in with clean lashes will allow more time for application and less cleansing time, this ensures that we still acheive the desired look. 

Booking online will give you the latest available spots.